In my opinion, Los Angeles + the OC have the largest matcha scene in the United States. Businesses in this southern region of California have crafted the creative and innovative matcha offerings that get us #matchalovers REAL excited.

One of the most frequently asked questions my followers on DM me is... “Where are your favorite matcha spots in Los Angeles?”

For those of you that may not know this, I’m currently based in San Francisco and curate my page remotely. I travel to Los Angeles often (at least once a month) to do “matcha research” and explore the best matcha Los Angeles has to offer.

My will power gets tested every single time I’m in Los Angeles. When I started Matcha LA, I made a trip down to Los Angeles and (literally) inhaled 15 different matcha desserts in a 12-hour period. 

Leave a comment if:

  • You have eaten more than 15 different matcha desserts in one day (I like how you roll)
  • You have tried any of the items on my Top 5 list. If so, what are your thoughts?
  • You would like to share your Top 5 Matcha Finds in the LA + OC area
  • You have matcha recommendations that I should check out

Are you ready to meet my Top 5 favorite matcha finds in Los Angeles?

1. Matcha Soft Serve

FIND IT AT: TEA MASTER OF LITTLE TOKYO | 450 E 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 940012

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Tea Master of Little Tokyo is ALWAYS my first stop to get my matcha fix when I’m in Los Angeles. Tea Master is regarded as the BEST matcha soft serve according to myself and many people that have tried different matcha soft serves. Not only is the matcha soft serve to die for, the owners and their employees are extremely kind and warm.

Each order of matcha soft serve is mindfully swirled into its paper cup, then dusted with premium matcha powder; making this super matcha-y. I like taking my time at Tea Master. I savor each bite because its texture was smooth yet dense. You’ll have to try it for yourself! 

TIP: If you’re going to take a photo for the ‘gram, scope out the area for the best place to take your photo. I recommend doing this before placing your order because the soft serve melts quickly. 

2. Matcha White Chocolate Chip Scone

FIND IT AT: THE BUTCHER’S DAUGHTER | 1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

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 The Butcher’s Daughter in Venice is one of our favorite brunch spots because they have an awesome plant-based menu AND carry the best matcha scone I’ve had.

Other scones that I’ve had in the past are usually really dry and difficult to eat without having a matcha latte in hand, but The Butcher’s Daughter figured out how to create a dense yet moist matcha scone. The white chocolate chips and drizzle complement the scone well.

TIP: If you’re planning a trip to pick on of these bad boys up, I’d recommend going earlier in the day. Their matcha scones tend to sell out by the early afternoon. Also, buy more than one — you can thank me later! 

3. Matcha White Chocolate Chip Pancakes

FIND IT AT: BEA BEA’S | 353 N. Pass Ave. Burbank, CA 91505

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THIS IS SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!! The “Green Tea Monster” AKA the matcha white chocolate chip pancakes are too good to share. Along with making my first stop at Tea Master, I’ll also make it a priority to make a pit stop at Bea Bea’s some time during my trip to Los Angeles.

Bea Bea’s has a constant flow of patrons, so I would recommend getting there early. They won’t seat your party until everyone is present (so plan ahead and let that person in your life who always seems to be late know that this is serious business). 

Although the Green Tea Monster isn’t as matcha-y as I would like, it’s still one of my favorite matcha finds. So, if you’re someone that wants that beautiful, grassy, matcha taste to punch you in the throat, I suggest bringing your own matcha powder to dust on top.

TIP: Ask your server for extra matcha mascarpone. 

4. Matcha Berry Sparkler

FIND IT AT: SHUHARI MATCHA CAFE | 450 E 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 940012

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 I love that Shuhari offers fresca-like matcha drinks. Honestly, I prefer fresca-like drinks as opposed to milk-based matcha drinks because they taste more matcha-y!

The Matcha Berry Sparkler (pictured right) from Shuhari is bubbly and refreshing. Jaz loves the Yuzu Matcha Sparkler (pictured left) — it’s tart and tangy, which is right up her alley!

I have yet to try their other offerings on their menu. Next on my list of things to try at Shuhari is their Matcha Parfait!

TIP: Don’t forget to ask for a stamp card

5. Iced Matcha Latte in a Fresh Young Coconut from Alfred Tea Room

FIND IT AT: ALFRED TEA ROOM | 75 N Alfred St. Los Angeles, CA 90069

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An iced matcha latte with boba INSIDE of a fresh young coconut? Yep. It’s a thing and it’s freakin’ delicious. This is Jaz’s go-to order at Alfred Tea.  

We love that it’s a drink and a snack in one! What’s also pretty awesome is that the fresh young coconuts are branded with the Alfred logo and the Co Co & Co logo on the opposite side, so it’s pretty Instagrammable.

Alfred is a wonderful place to stop and get your matcha fix because they have a pretty extensive matcha menu. Keep an eye out for their beautiful matcha croissant in their baked goods case.

TIP: The doors closest to the register leads out to an alley with a simple, yet cute wall that you may want to use as your backdrop for some photos.