The matcha scene is starting to pick up in San Francisco, finally! One of the reasons why I started my page @matcha.sf on Instagram last October is because it was so hard for me to find matcha desserts other than a matcha latte.

I don’t know about you, but there are moments where I get “hangry” and have terrible matcha cravings... it’s kind of scary. So, Matcha SF started out as a visual diary for me to remember the matcha finds I come across. It quickly started to attract other matcha lovers in the Bay Area and evolved into a community page that features the best matcha the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer.

At the time I started Matcha SF, I felt like an outcast in my circle because I didn’t know anyone that loves matcha as much as I do. It looks like I found you guys! Thank you for being a part of the Matcha SF community, the world feels a little less lonely knowing that I’m connected with so many like-minded matcha lovers.

So many people DM to ask what my favorite matcha finds are in the Bay Area. After conducting “matcha research” and personally trying some of the best matcha in SF, I found my favorites! Below are my favorite matcha treats that I would highly recommend adding to your #matchabucketlist.

Leave a comment if:

  • You have tried any of the items on my Top 5 list. If so, what are your thoughts?
  • You would like to share your Top 5 Matcha Finds in the SF Bay Area
  • You have matcha recommendations that I should check out

Without further ado, here are my all-time favorite matcha finds in San Francisco.


FIND IT AT: ZULYS GOODIES pop up | follow @zulysgoodies to stay up to date with her pop up schedule

 Photo Credit: @matcha.sf

Photo Credit: @matcha.sf

Everything Zuly bakes is to die for! No lie. Not only is she an amazing baker, she’s a matcha lover (so you know her matcha goodies are super matcha-y)! My favorite is her Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookie; they’re generously portioned, have the most amazing texture (a crispy exterior that’s moist and chewy on the inside). Although I’m lucky enough to be her taste-tester, it’s really hard to eat just one.

During her pop ups, she also offers other goodies that she handcrafts herself, like: the original and matcha alfajor filled with dulce de leche, ube alfajor, matcha oreos, UBE CRINKLE COOKIES (my second fave), and other seasonal offerings.



FIND IT AT: TEA PEOPLE | 8 Octavia St. #308 San Francisco, CA 94102 (located inside of Boba Guys Hayes Valley)


 Photo Credit: @matcha.sf 

Photo Credit: @matcha.sf 

Ken of Tea People is MAGIC, pure magic. He is the genius behind the Vietnamese Iced Matcha at the Tea People Bar located inside of Boba Guys Hayes Valley.

It’s fun to watch Ken craft up his creative tea concoctions. Grab a seat at the bar and watch how precise he is with each recipe. His Vietnamese Iced Matcha is one of my favorite matcha drinks. It’s matcha-y, refreshing, creamy, and has a subtle yet satisfying level of sweetness.

If you’re adding this to your #matchabucketlist, just know that it this drink is only available when Ken is on shift (because he’s the only person that knows how to make it).

TIP: You can find him at the Tea People bar on Sundays and Tuesday (his days are subject to change). No need to wait in the long line at their main entrance, walk towards the Tea People bar and flag Ken down.

ANOTHER TIP: The Tea People bar is debit/credit only. Be prepared.

ONE MORE TIP: Ask him to add a tad bit of black sesame, it adds nutty notes that I enjoy.


FIND IT AT: HOME | 2018 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94121 (they have two locations)

 Photo Credit: @matcha.sf 

Photo Credit: @matcha.sf 

Home is where the matcha is! It’s also the home of my favorite hot matcha latte.

My usual order is the: Hot matcha latte. Almond milk. Light sweet with honey (hold the brown sugar).

Jaz’s orders the: Dirty Matcha (hot matcha latte with a single shot of espresso). Almond milk. Extra hot. Light sweet.

Home has my favorite matcha latte for two reasons: (1) They’re matcha latte is made with quality matcha and (2) their “Home-ies” (AKA baristas) are the friendliest baristas in all of San Francisco. I’m not kidding, read Home’s Yelp reviews for both of their locations. I appreciate how the Home team makes an effort to truly connect with their patrons; they will most likely remember your name and your order.

Home also has other delectable matcha offerings like: the Godzilla (which is sparkling water with a shot of matcha), the Matcha Love Toast (pictured above — it’s made of matcha condensed milk drizzled atop a bed of fresh strawberries resting on a thick slice of brioche)

TIP: If you’re planning on spending some time at Home to get your hustle on, know that they have dedicated tables that are laptop-free zones. They do table sharing so feel free to grab a seat next to another human.


FIND IT AT: ANDYTOWN COFFEE ROASTERS |3655 Lawton St. San Francisco, CA 94122 (they have multiple locations)

 Photo Credit: @matcha.sf 

Photo Credit: @matcha.sf 

I dream about Andytown’s Matcha Snowy Plover. I love its simplicity — it’s made of hand whisked matcha, sparkling water, and a gorgeous dollop of their famous whipped cream.

You can either inhale the dollop of whipped cream (because it’s THAT good) or stir it into your drink. I find that it’s the perfect balance between being refreshing yet satiating.

It’s currently a seasonal item, so, I’d recommend stopping in sooner rather than later to try it.





FIND IT AT: MR HOLMES BAKEHOUSE | 1042 Larkin St. San Francisco, CA 94109

 Photo Credit: @matcha.sf 

Photo Credit: @matcha.sf 

I’m not a morning person, but I CAN be a morning person for the Matcha Croissant from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse! There is almost always a line forming outside of their San Francisco location, which is for good reason, their baked goods are freaking amazing! I have major heart eyes for their Matcha Croissant.

They’re huge, matcha-y, and taste even better if you nuke it in the microwave. 

Mr. Holmes keeps things fresh by rotating out their menu offerings. If you’re lucky, you’ll stop in on a day where they’re serving the Matcha Cream Cruffin.

TIP: Get. There. Early.