What’s the meaning behind the name “saint matcha”?

Inspiration for the name “Saint Matcha” was derived from combining the name of an organization, Saints of Steel, that was founded by Jaz and marrying it with Jules’ Instagram pages @matcha.la | @matcha.sf | @matcha.nyc

Where is saint matcha located?

Saint Matcha is an online resource for matcha lovers all over the world. We currently do not have a storefront.


How do i collaborate with saint matcha and/or your matcha instagram pages?

If you or your brand would like to collaborate with Saint Matcha or @matcha.la | @matcha.sf | @matcha.nyc Instagram pages, please connect with us.

What is matcha? Does matcha have any health benefits?

Matcha is a power-house of antioxidants that has many health benefits. To learn more about what makes matcha great, click here.

Some of the sections on your blog don’t contain any content, why is that?

We appreciate your patience as we are hustling to create insightful and fun matcha-related articles. Our goal is to share two new articles each week.